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The Benefits of Dibber Education

Talented Educators

Talented Educators

Dibber educators, known for their warm-hearted approach, ensure quality education and operations for children. They regularly evaluate progress to recognize and support children’s individual needs, ensuring each and every child receives proper attention, guidance, and a nurturing environment for their emotional growth.

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Holistic Learning

All our facilities are built to facilitate wonder and exploration for children. We are a strong believer in teaching through the physical environment as the physical space is our 3rd teacher; the 1st being the child and 2nd the active adult teaching them.

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Scandinavian Curriculum

Founded in Norway, we believe that children can acquire a sense of mastery in their learning and in every day practical tasks. Our Three key approaches: Play-Based, Holistic & Interactive work together to offer a pathway to lifelong learning.
This philosophy translates both in our teaching methodology and curriculum.

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Dibber Childhood ©

We view childhood as a complete experience, where care and education are interlinked. Through our pedagogy, we want every child to experience a supportive and caring environment where they develop positive relationships and friendships. At Dibber, every child is seen as unique and valuable, and they are respected as individuals.

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Heart Culture

It is the core of our pedagogy, and we have a systematic approach to it which revolves around 3 layers; 
The third layer is the “WE” and how children develop their sense of belonging to a community and sense of inclusion by interacting with others.
The second layer is the “YOU” where the children develop empathy and develop understanding and positive emotions towards others. 

The first level is building the “I”  where we see each child as an individual who has self-value.

Outdoor Play Area

The Dibber Meal

The Dibber Meal is an integral component of our educational approach, providing children with daily joyful and healthy communal meals. It fosters fellowship, enhances learning abilities, and imparts valuable life skills. By offering nutritious and sustainable food options, children learn to make lasting, responsible food choices, promoting overall well-being and a positive relationship with food.

Global Presence

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Years of Experience

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