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Two New Nurseries Coming Soon

Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai & Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi


Dibber, Your Scandinavian Education Expert​

Dibber, is a global education leader and #1 Scandinavian and Nordic education provider founded in Norway in 2003 by Hans Jacob Sundby and Randi Lauvland, two passionate pedagogues. They made it their life's mission to embark as many children as possible on a magical learning journey to give them the best start in life and the love of lifelong learning.


They opened their first kindergarten in Kristiansand, Norway in 2003 and today, they own close to 600 nurseries and schools worldwide. The group welcomes 50,000 children everyday.

Dibber established its operations in the UAE in 2014, under the name CreaKids by Dibber, by opening its first Nursery in Dubai which soon admitted more than 120 families.

Today, CreaKids by Dibber counts 4 Nurseries and is welcoming more than 600 children in Dubai.

The academic year 2023-2024 will see 2 new Nurseries opening their doors in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai and in Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, under the namesake brand, Dibber.

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At Dibber, children develop a sense of mastery and learn to be autonomous, to cultivate their curiosity, their love for learning, and to care for all living beings and our planet.​

At Dibber, We Develop Lifelong Learners with a Heart for the World.

Dibber and all its nurseries, including CreaKids by Dibber, are proud of its Norwegian heritage and provide a globally relevant curriculum that is based on the Norwegian Rammeplan for barnehagen (Framework for Kindergarten). ​

  • We view childhood as a complete experience, where care and education are interlinked.​

  • We believe that childhood is an immeasurably important period in one’s life.​

  • We see every child as unique and valuable, and they are respected as individuals.​

  • We trust that children can acquire a sense of mastery in their everyday learning and in daily practical tasks.​

Children are active participants in their own education, and they are encouraged to foster mastery. The teaching teams are continuously trained to ensure that the children engage in exciting hands-on learning that promotes their development and allows for memories to be made!​

Our teaching approach and curriculum, which covers the 6 subject areas in a transdisciplinary way, offers the flexibility and agility that our children need to comfortably pursue their primary education in any curriculum, not just limited to the British, German, American, and IB systems. 

What Makes Our Nurseries Special?

Upon visiting Dibber and its nurseries, you will see children who are active participants in their own learning experience. They are fully supported, individually, in developing their own “I can” philosophy.​

You will witness our  Heart-culture which is the core of our pedagogy, and we have a systematic approach to it which revolves around building their individual “I”, building their understanding of the “YOU”, where they develop empathy, understanding and positive emotions towards others; and finally building the “WE”, along with their sense of belonging to a community and sense of inclusion by interacting with others. ​


Finally, our settings are very fluid and promote the transfer of indoor and outdoor spaces. In Dubai, there is a natural integration of what happens indoor towards the outdoor and vice versa, and that’s represented in our physical environments. 

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Frode Selvaag, Head of Dibber Global Food​ Collaboration Team​

The Dibber Meal, a Joyous and Healthy Meal Everyday!​

Dibber’s GOLDEN MOMENTS are the daily important moments and milestones that happen within our Nurseries. These moments lay the foundation for our pedagogy.​

The Dibber Meal is an integral part of our GOLDEN MOMENTS. ​

Indeed, The Dibber Meal’s aim is to educate and facilitate children’s relationship with food during mealtimes so each child experiences daily joyous and healthy meals that enhance their sense of fellowship, their learning ability, and life skills.​

The Dibber Meal revolves around 3 main themes: Health, Sustainability and Cultivation. ​

Through the Dibber Meal, parents and caretakers have the peace of mind knowing their children are learning to make nutritious, sustainable, and lasting food choices!

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Meet Gina, Juno & Odin!

Words From Our Families​

We could not be more impressed with the care and love our children have received since they joined Dibber. Both children adore their teachers and are clearly adored in return.​


I truly value the efforts the team has done to make my children feel safe, welcome and excited to be at preschool; they love coming in every day - thank you!

Our Locations

Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai – Opening Soon​

Jumeirah Golf Estates, rated among the top 10 lifestyle estates in the world, will open its doors to a Dibber nursery for the 2023-2024 academic year. The nursery will be located just steps away from Jumeirah Golf Estates main community center. It is located near renowned communities such as Dubai Investments Park, IMPZ, Production City, Sports City, Studio City, Green Community.​

Consisting of 13 well-resourced classrooms, our nursery will welcome children from birth to  6 years of age. Children are grouped in their classrooms based on their age and in line with KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) guidelines.​

Our JGE Branch also offers 3 exciting play areas, 1 indoor and 2 outdoors, where the children can play, explore a wide variety of structures which will help them develop their fine and gross motor-skills along with their creativity.​

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