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Our Commitments


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Early Childhood Development – Dibber Nursery UAE
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& Students

You are valuable. We care for you and support your learning journey as you become the best version of yourself.

Dibber provides ECD services with the aim of making every child feel valuable and become the best versions of themselves. With a combination of warm-hearted qualified people, proven pedagogy principles, safe, stimulating and playful environment and modern digital systems, we develop and manage high quality ECD Centers around the world, while adapting and adopting to local nuances where applicable.​


The Development Conversation

Children and families need a transparent and warm conversation on their wellbeing and development.

We respect the parents’ right to participate, and we work in close co-operation and agreement with the parents. 
We ensure that the best interests of the child shall always is the primary consideration in all co-operation between the home and the kindergarten.

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You are valuable teammates in your child's learning journey. Together we create an environment that fosters communication, inclusion, compassion, and confidence that your child is learning self worth and essential life skills.

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Meet Gina, Juno & Odin!

Words from Our Families​

We could not be more impressed with the care and love our children have received since they joined Dibber. Both children adore their teachers and are clearly adored in return.​

I truly value the efforts the team has done to make my children feel safe, welcome and excited to be at preschool; they love coming in every day - thank you!

Words from Our Families​

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Meet Gina, Juno & Odin!

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Meet Laila!​


Meet William!​

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Our Employees

You make a true difference for children, students, and their future. Together we create a warm-hearted and inclusive workplace where you are valued and will develop and thrive as a professional in our global family.


Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant

- Robert Louis Stevenson

Thinking of joining the Dibber Family? 
Please visit our Careers page here


New Early Learning Centres & Schools

Your local profile and uniqueness inspire us. We welcome you into our global family, providing exceptional resources and support for your further development.


Municipalities & Governments

Your support and investments into children and education is vital to community growth. We embrace partnerships and collaboration to invest in building sustainable local communities by delivering high quality educational experiences for the children of your community

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Every year on 13th January we celebrate Dibber Heart Day, where children come together to clean up local parks nearby our nurseries making a difference and nurturing a love for our environment in the hearts of our future generations.

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