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Partner with Us

Through shared visions, values and goals Dibber Partners with broader communities to provide enhanced learning opportunities for children.

For all the partnership enquiries please contact


“Dibber-Link”:   We aim to create a network of exceptional early childhood education in the Middle East & North Africa. With our 20+ years of experiences in building 600 schools  in 10 different countries together we will extend educational impact worldwide, adapt to diverse cultures, leverage market expertise and embark on a journey of global growth and influence.  For any business and franchise enquiries please contact us today.


"Early Education Bridge" : This partnership emphasizes a seamless transition and continuity of learning for children as they move from nursery to primary school. It involves collaborative efforts between nursery educators and primary school teachers to share insights, align curriculum, and provide a smooth educational journey for young learners. The Early Education Bridge helps to establish a strong foundation for children's educational growth and development.


“Harmony”:  Partnerships with families. This partnership emphasizes a collaborative and supportive relationship between educators and families to enhance a child's educational experience. By working together, schools and families can create a strong support network, fostering a sense of community and ensuring the success and well-being of students. 


“Playful Collab” : Partnerships with other communities or companies outside of education field. This partnership focuses on fostering collaborations between schools and various local organizations, marketing and community groups.

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