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The Dibber Childhood - Pedagogical Ethos – Dibber Nursery UAE.
The Dibber Childhood - Pedagogical Ethos – Dibber Nursery UAE.

Pedagogical Ethos


At Dibber, children develop a sense of mastery and learn to be autonomous, to cultivate their curiosity, their love for learning, and to care for all living beings and our planet.​

At Dibber, We Develop Lifelong Learners with a Heart for the World.

Dibber is proud of its Norwegian heritage and provide a globally relevant curriculum that is based on the Norwegian Rammeplan for barnehagen (Framework for Kindergarten). ​

  • We view childhood as a complete experience, where care and education are interlinked.​

  • We believe that childhood is an immeasurably important period in one’s life.​

  • We see every child as unique and valuable, and they are respected as individuals.​

  • We trust that children can acquire a sense of mastery in their everyday learning and in daily practical tasks.​

Children are active participants in their own education, and they are encouraged to foster mastery. The teaching teams are continuously trained to ensure that the children engage in exciting hands-on learning that promotes their development and allows for memories to be made!​

Our teaching approach and curriculum, which covers the 6 subject areas in a transdisciplinary way, offers the flexibility and agility that our children need to comfortably pursue their primary education in any curriculum, not just limited to the British, German, American, and IB systems. 

Dibber Child Development

The Dibber Childhood, which represents our pedagogy, is founded on the belief in children’s intrinsic value. Our pedagogy is rooted in early childhood research to support children’s well-being, development, and learning. At the center of everything is our Heart Culture which strengthens and broadens a child’s sense of character, connections, and social well-being and ensures intrinsic value and relationships come first.


Building on the environment created by the heart culture, we implement playful, holistic, and interactive learning experiences inspired by children’s natural curiosity and budding interests. In this way, children experience days filled with opportunities for new experiences, a sense of mastery, and growth at a pace that fits their needs. Competencies and skills are built into the curriculum to ensure we are nurturing well-rounded people that can navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

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