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Our Heart Culture

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'Hjertekultur' - Norwegian for Heart Culture 

At Dibber we say, “We are driven by heart.” This means we prioritize connections and value others. This culture is implemented at all levels of the company and is embedded in the pedagogy at our learning centers. It creates an atmosphere of belonging that people experience as soon as they enter any Dibber facility.

At Dibber, we are “Driven by Heart”. This means we deeply value the relationships we build.  This culture is profoundly rooted at all levels of our company and is the core of our pedagogy. We aim at creating an atmosphere of belonging for anyone, younger or older stepping into our settings. This culture enables us to grow our teams and our children into the best version of themselves.


From the children in our centers to the employees in our global network, we unanimously believe that everyone deserves to be recognized for their intrinsic values and allowed to thrive in a healthy environment.

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The Dibber Heart Culture

The Dibber Heart Culture

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