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The Dibber Meal

At the heart of our educational approach lies The Dibber Meal, which play a pivotal role in providing children with daily moments of both nourishment and togetherness. These communal dining experiences not only cultivate a sense of fellowship but also amplify learning capabilities, while simultaneously instilling valuable life skills.


The Dibber Meal

Good health is vital to children and their ability to learn and master. The good meal provides the right atmosphere and good conversations.

The Dibber Meal - Food Collaboration Global Team - Dibber Nursery UAE.

The Dibber Meal - Food Collaboration Global Team

The Dibber Meal, a Joyous and Healthy Meal Everyday!​

Dibber’s GOLDEN MOMENTS are the daily important moments and milestones that happen within our Nurseries. These moments lay the foundation for our pedagogy.​

The Dibber Meal is an integral part of our GOLDEN MOMENTS. ​

Indeed, The Dibber Meal’s aim is to educate and facilitate children’s relationship with food during mealtimes so each child experiences daily joyous and healthy meals that enhance their sense of fellowship, their learning ability, and life skills.​

The Dibber Meal revolves around 3 main themes: Health, Sustainability and Cultivation. ​

Through the Dibber Meal, parents and caretakers have the peace of mind knowing their children are learning to make nutritious, sustainable, and lasting food choices!


Dibber Meal: Snack & Food Gallery

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