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DIY Father's Day Gifts: Creative Ideas for Kids | Dibber UAE

Updated: Jul 1

Kid celebrate Father's Day by painting

A personalized gift crafted with sincerity is a delightful method to celebrate fathers on Father's Day. Any father would say that the most cherished presents are handcrafted, particularly when made by their children. This Father’s Day, assist your children in crafting a unique gift by utilizing conventional art materials such as paper, markers, and glue, alongside supplementary embellishments like clay, beads, and fabric. 


In this insightful yet fun article, we will explore some of the amazing DIY gift ideas that you can work together with your young ones and create happy memories.

Best Handcrafted Gifts for Father's Day 

DIY gifts for dads will spark creativity in your child. Whether you choose to present your children's crafted gifts to dad wrapped elegantly for him to unwrap on Father's Day or opt to engage in these projects together as a family, the true treasure lies in the memories you create collectively. Let’s have a closer look at some of these handmade gift ideas! 


Family Map Scrapbook

This project offers an opportunity for the whole family to collaborate. Preserve cherished memories of vacations spent together by collecting maps, souvenirs, and other keepsakes from your favorite destinations, and then assemble everything into a bound book for dad to revisit during nostalgic moments. 


To create this gift, begin by cutting the maps to fit and carefully glue them along the edges of the scrapbook inside covers. For the photo frame, cut a rectangle slightly larger than the photo and make slits in the corners to hold the image securely. 


Next, fashion the envelope pocket by unfolding a standard envelope; use it as a template to trace onto a double-sided map. Cut along the outline, fold, and glue the map to match the envelope's shape. 

To make the photo corners, cut small rectangles (approximately one-by-two inches). Fold the edges toward the center to form a triangle and affix the folded side to the page with glue.

Rock Paperweights

Children will enjoy engaging in the art of decoupage to create decorative rocks that dad can use as paperweights. Help children in printing family snapshots onto delicate paper, allowing them to carefully affix these images onto their selected stones. Printing the images on thin paper enables the natural texture of the rocks to show through, giving the appearance of a painted-on image. 

The highlight of this craft is the opportunity for your entire family to reminisce about the enjoyable moments from your vacations together.

Father's Day Coupons

Every dad loves a good deal, especially when they are uniquely designed for him. Encourage your children to create custom coupons offering free services such as a car wash, lawn mowing, breakfast, or any other imaginative idea they can conceive. 


Allow the children's creativity to flourish by utilizing construction paper, craft paper, or card stock to craft the coupons, embellishing them with stamps, markers, crayons, glitter, and stickers. After designing a cover, the children can assemble the coupon booklet by fastening, stapling, or sewing the pages together. This thoughtful gift will surely bring joy to dad on his special day.

Shirt Cuff Cards 

Create a sophisticated card resembling a stylish shirt cuff to elegantly present a set of cuff links, either crafted from shank buttons or purchased new or vintage. 


Start by cutting a 3 1/4-by-9-inch rectangle from construction paper and rounding two corners for a polished look. On one side, delicately rubber-stamp a greeting of your choice. Then, gently fold the paper in half and carefully cut four slits to accommodate the cuff links. 


For the cuff links themselves, begin by securing 24-gauge wire onto the shank of a button using needle-nose pliers. Trim the wire to half an inch and loop it through the shank of a second button, repeating the process for a matching pair.

Father's Day Notepad 

Enhance dad's home office with a personalized DIY notepad that even the youngest artists can create. Start this special craft for Father's Day by wrapping a rubber band around a notepad cube and inviting the kids to write greetings and create drawings on two sides using a broad, pointed marker (avoid fine tips that could get caught between the pages). 


Once those sides are complete, move the rubber band to the other two sides of the notepad and continue decorating. Finally, tie a colorful ribbon around the notepad for a finishing touch. As an additional gift, include a pen alongside the notepad for a complete and thoughtful present.

Handcrafted Father’s Day gifts are a great idea to spend time with your child and show appreciation to dads everywhere. Whether it's a handmade craft, a personalized notepad, or DIY custom coupons for thoughtful gestures, the essence of these gifts lies in the love, creativity, and effort put forth by the children. These meaningful gifts not only bring joy to fathers but also create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds. Let's cherish these moments and continue to celebrate the important role that fathers play in our lives, not just on Father's Day but every day.  


From Dibber family to yours, Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there! 


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