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Experience Nature at Its Best with The Magical Garden Camp (25th March to 5th April 2024)

Updated: Mar 20

Why is Dibber’s Spring Camp an Unmissable  Opportunity?

Our Magical Garden Camp is a one-of-a-kind spring camp designed for children to get their hands in the mud and learn all about the process of gardening while having a super fun time. 

Here is a glimpse into what your child might experience: 

Why is Dibber’s Spring Campy an Unmissable Opportunity?

  1. They will be introduced to several types of flora and taught how to plant and grow them. 

  2. They will learn about various kinds of vegetables and how to care for their very own vegetable garden.

In a highly industrialized and technologically driven world, there is nothing like connecting with nature. We wish to impart important values such as respect and love for nature, the joy of cultivation, and why protecting ‘the green’ matters. At Dibber, we understand that children learn through play and that is why our camp is all fun and games punctuated by essential learnings. 

What Are Some Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in Our Spring Camp? 

What comes to mind when we say the word ‘camp’? For most of us, it is associated with excitement and the outdoors, and children need loads of that when they are growing. As an extracurricular activity, camps wonderfully complement classroom learning. Children pick up numerous additional skills that promote holistic development in a playful setting, which is truly the Dibber way of learning. 

Let us have a deeper look at some of the incredible benefits: 

1. Fosters Top-notch Teamwork 

Most activities at camps require children to work in teams, collaborate, problem solve, and produce creative solutions. In these instances, we can see children breaking out of their shells and displaying qualities that work wonders individually while effectively increasing their team’s output. For instance, we may see one child taking up the role of a leader, another one being the wise ideator, and yet another priding themselves as the physical performer, and so on. They are not only introduced to the dormant experts within themselves but also learn to use their innate abilities to serve their team in the best possible way.

2. Encourages Exercise and Building Endurance 

Camps evaluate physical stamina and endurance because most activities are planned to make you move, and children absolutely love that. They want to move around, run, jump, and be free to explore as they will. Today, we have so many entertainment options that have children sitting and staring at screens. Therefore, it is equally important that we provide them with opportunities to get moving.

3. Motivates them to Make Lasting Memories 

Spending their days doing enjoyable activities with friends – what more do children want? They create some of their fondest memories that they will cherish throughout their lives in such settings. These experiences will live with them forever, and so will the bonds of friendship. Moreover, our camp happen in a safe environment with structured activities that will give parents and caregivers the much-needed peace of mind when the children are enjoying themselves.

4. Fuels Skill Development 

Most camps have specific themes aimed at imparting certain skills. For instance, an art camp will hone design skills. Overnight camps aim to teach children basic survival skills. Dibber’s Magical Garden Camp aims to promote a love for nature and sharpen every child’s social skill. There are so many more supplementary skills that a child will gain. There is so much scope for learning, which helps advance ongoing cognitive development. Most importantly, it is a terrific way to build resilience.

5. Nurtures the Bond with Nature 

Did you know that having children care for plants helps them take responsibility and cultivate ownership? Their plant or garden becomes their baby, and they are accountable for its well-being. This not only lets the little ones build an everlasting bond with nature but also acquire critical life lessons during their formative years. And what better way to learn than while having a blast with friends at camp?

So, what are you waiting for! Get your child to join our Magical Garden Camp, which is going to be a delightful blend of outdoor exploration, hands-on learning activities, and creative fun, all centered around the wonders of nature coming alive this spring season.


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